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About Us

Mast Landing School serves approximately 250 students in grades 3-5.  Students at Mast Landing School have a variety of opportunities to engage in learning that supports their academic, social, and emotional learning--both on site at school as well as through partnership with local organizations.

Mast Landing School staff work hard and take pride in knowing and meeting the needs of each individual student, as well as in building community in their classrooms.  Towards this end, our staff has made a commitment to the Responsive Classroom framework, a way of teaching that emphasizes social, emotional and academic growth in a strong and safe school community.

In addition to students’ daily academic learning, students have a variety of opportunities to engage in clubs, activities, and field trips.  In 3rd grade, students extend their learning of ecology and the natural world at Wolfe’s Neck Farm School. Students build upon this learning in 4th grade through an overnight experience at The Ecology School.  Our 5th grade students extend this learning, as well as develop leadership and teamwork through four days and three nights at Chewonki’s Outdoor Classroom. Optional activities for students include chorus and band, Civil Rights Team, Drama Club, Green Team, Math Team, Student Council, and Robotics Club.

The rich academic and extracurricular experiences students offered support students’ development as joyful, passionate, lifelong learners.