Calendar Update

Monday-Friday, February 8th-12th  Color with Kindness Week

Thursday, February 11th-3rd Grade Concert, 6:30-7:30 pm MLS Cafeteria


Music Schedule for the Week of February 8th

Monday, Feb. 8th-7:45 am clarinet and trumpet1; 8:15 am trombone

Tuesday, Feb. 9th-7:45 am flute; 8:00 am percussion

Wednesday, Feb. 10th-7:45 am Chorus

Thursday, Feb. 11th-7:45 am saxophone

Friday, Feb. 12th-7:45 am FULL BAND

Color MLS with Kindness!

Yellow Mellow Monday” Carry on Kindness – do acts of kindness and wear yellow (or any other warm colors)
Top o the Morning Tuesday” Say hello to everyone and wear green

Donated Items Needed for Up-Coming Winter Activity Afternoon

We are hoping to have a few items donated to staff who are offering some fun activities for our special afternoon just before vacation. Items need to come to school by Wednesday, Feb. 10th.
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